We headed down to the car. My stomach rumbled. Not again I thought to myself.
“Hey do you think you could wait a minute, I need to go to the bathroom.”
“Okay, but are you alright?” I nodded and went back to the apartment.
I felt like I was going to either shit my pants or throw up. I sat on the toilet once the queasiness subsided. Nothing happened, as usual. I went back to the car and smiled while apologizing for the delay.
We were on our way.
My body trembled as if it were 40 degrees out, but it was the middle of summer. Cars lined the street and some were pulling up behind us.
“Ready to head to the door Mere?”
Music greeted us before we were close enough to knock. The door opened and Andrew looked happy to see us.
“Come on in guys, keg’s in the back, jello shots and spirits in the kitchen. Help yourselves. Oh and pizza will be arriving soon too if you’re hungry.”
He was a good host and even though I’d known him for a couple of years. It never changed anything. Even though these people weren’t total strangers. I could barely function.
I fixed myself a rum and coke and took a few sips. Andrew came back in to check on me and prepare some shots.
“Want to take one with us M?”
I agreed and immediately felt more at ease.
“Maybe someday, I won’t need this.”


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