Scheduling Posts’ Publication

One of the features I find extremely useful on WordPress, is the ability to schedule when your post will be “published.” Especially for people who take delight in being an over achiever *chuckles* and coming up with a lot of content at once. Initially, I used the feature so my entry would go up at a more reasonable hour than whenever I conceived the idea or finished writing. In deciding to start my Ten Word Journaling “series,” I have taken to scheduling all of them to release Monday, Wednesday, or Friday as content allows. I thought everything was without error, more people were starting to take notice of my posts, a few even offering some feedback. All very good, encouraging things 😀

Then today, I see that the 5th entry was already up, and that seemed too soon. Sure enough, I had somehow scheduled my 5th and 4th entries in reverse order. Oops! The easiest solution seemed to be changing the titles, which is what I’ve done. I’m treating this moment as yet another learning experience, as I ease into the blogosphere, to check and double-check any future scheduled entries. With these it doesn’t matter quite so much, but for other projects I may decide on it could. So, I encourage anyone else new to blogging and exploring features to double-check and then let the “magic” fly.


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