Away, Barren, Soothing

Participating in any sort of free association is usually difficult for me because I’m an over-thinker (AKA clutter minded). I see (read) something and there’s probably five things at once. So, in order to have an actual response, I have to consciously clear my mind, put it on pause, or let whatever mood I’m in dictate.


Resulted in away barren soothing. I didn’t have a story to relate to this or any other post idea in mind. I just wanted to write and address this prompt to see what words would come of it. Now that I have them, I think I’ll use them to write something else (influenced by my recent run of writing dares). And then leave this post at that.

Turning away from a known home
Heading off into a distance
Soaring through skies of wonder
Not being able to witness
The scenes of altitude
Nearing the barren lands of drought and plains
When the rain decides to replenish
Its tickles upon the soil are soothing

Daily Prompt



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