Currently Reading: Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird)

Acquired this copy my senior year of high school when helping our English teacher & Department Chair clear out one of their storage rooms. She allowed us to take books for free 🙂

Felt the urge to re-read and actually finish this classic *coughs 15 years later.* In high school, it wasn’t due to a lack of interest that I didn’t complete my reading session, but circumstance. I’d  fallen behind on reading assignments due to illness, and in an attempt to balance all of  my other classes stayed behind the rest of my English one. Every near catch up was still a chapter or few behind, until the time came we were going to watch the film adaptation in class. I figured what was the point? The rest of the story would be spoiled so, I settled with just enjoying the movie.
This urge was probably less out of the blue and more a subliminal encouragement when factoring in the kinds of things happening around the United States socially and politically and a not too distant announcement of Harper Lee releasing another book (simultaneously sequel and prequel), Go Set a Watchman, this summer. A work that I find intriguing given its content and the timing for Lee to pop back on literary radar in preparation for it.
I’ve reached Part Two in To Kill a Mockingbird which gives me even more confidence I will finish it soon, and within plenty of time to soak it all in, not forgetting too much, before the July release. The pacing is ideal, and I think I’m more perceptive and appreciative of Lee’s work than I would have been in high school. Like I kind of don’t understand why my younger me didn’t chug through some of the chapters. Perhaps, my interest in writing, recognizing great writing, and taking my role as a writer more seriously comes into play. I know the younger me wouldn’t have had much to say on the kind of imagery Lee utilizes in even the most simple of situations unless she were being asked on a quiz. This me brought up these kinds of aspects willingly in a regular conversation, after making a mental note, and recommending that person read it someday.


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