LA one year anniversary

Anniversary & Announcements

Hello everyone!
It would appear this month includes my first year anniversary on WordPress. With this in mind, I’ve decided now would be as good a time as any to give some updates and state where I hope this blog goes.

First off, I have joined the staff of Alternating Current Press, which has a lovely bunch of people to work with. AC is an Indie Press and promotions organization that wants to help connect various people of the literary community writers and readers alike. If you would like to become a part of the team, partner/sponsor, or think you know someone who might be interested, please check out the site and positions available and pass it on. Additionally, AC is seeking a Fundraising Director,

As well as any fellow bloggers/book reviewers that may be interested in writing about our latest release, Footnote (#1)

Feel free to follow on Twitter for all the latest news, blog posts, and more!

I am excited about this opportunity to vamp up my own writing and get to know other writers/authors of various backgrounds and stages in their career 🙂

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While creative writing is where my interests really lie, I have been getting back into entertainment writing and having fun with it as well. If you follow me on Twitter and Google+ then you have probably seen some of that writing. But I also want to branch out into the more business/copywriting (preferably for non profits/organizations aiming to do good). The trouble is I don’t have much of a marketing/SEO background. However, I am working to change that.

All this writing and activity is responsible for my lack of updates and posts here. I don’t want this site to die though, and hoping to revisit some of my blog ideas that just haven’t been written and get them going. I may start writing actual book reviews, who knows? I do plan to keep sharing my creative writing pieces though no matter how big or micro 😀

Expect some subtle changes, like the enabling of ratings for posts (which I’d appreciate votes for even more than likes 😉 ), some menu tweakings (possibly a theme change), and updates to pre-existing content. I hope to kick the overall vibe of the site up a notch. So we’ll see how it goes. And as always thanks for reading, following and or subscribing!



  1. I’ve been thinking of revamping my site as well. It’s been a little bit over a year and I think it’s time for a little update. I definitely like the idea of rating the posts. Can’t wait to see yours when it’s done!

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