Simple Survey: Reader Feedback Wanted

LA Simple Survey

Hello everyone,
As you may have seen I’m considering some changes to my site in light of the anniversary. Since I know WordPress adds themes throughout the year, a theme change is on the table. So far, two have caught my eye and I was wondering if you would be willing to vote so I can gauge which is more aesthetically pleasing for viewers. Links to the themes can be found below the poll. Feel free to share.
Thank you!

Here’s a link to Baskerville Demo

Here’s a link to Capoverso Demo  (sidenote: I more than likely will not keep the slashed background)


    1. Haha yeah Denise, this is the implementation of the new theme and it’s not as flexible as I hoped it would be, so I’ll likely be looking for something else. Appreciate the feedback, and as I’ve learned of new changes to WordPress in general. I almost wish I just left my site alone :-/


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