Haunting Horror: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Retold By Alvin Schwartz

scary storiesAs mentioned it’s not only Fall but October, and while I know I have a number of reads to get through this year, I wanted to actually read something out of the horror/thriller genre. After coming across this list of 50 Scariest Books, what better way to kick of this notion than revisiting a childhood classic? It’s been decades since I’ve read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. I couldn’t get enough of the tales the books contained and the illustrations were perfectly creepy. I remember reading the whole series, but only a few stories remained in my head.

I don’t think my mother would have truly approved after revisiting some of the artwork, but I checked them out from my elementary school library and kept them to myself. I even did my best to retell some of the stories at slumber parties. And when some of my troop leaders tried to scare us around the campfire using the story “What Do You Come For?,” I was prepared for the climax appearing to have nerves of steel compared to my fellow scouts who screamed and shuddered.

Those were fun and amusing times. I kind of wonder why the telling of scary stories (among groups of friends) stayed a tradition reserved for childhood/youth. When clearly these tales were told by adults and children alike for centuries. Around the world there is a likeliness that folklore, myths, scary stories etc didn’t/don’t stop being told, and many countries older than the U.S. secured a stronger history and tradition in it. I don’t know much about them personally, but if you would like to explore a diverse realm throughout October (or anytime of the year), I highly recommend checking out the site: Multo (Ghost), she does a great job of recounting tales from all over the place and pairing them with beautiful artwork or photographs.



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