Currently Reading: Sandra Cisneros (Loose Woman Poems),204,203,200_.jpgHaving read and become a fan of A House on Mango Street, there was little hesitation in acquiring this collection. At the time I read A House on Mango Street (high school) I wasn’t aware Cisneros also wrote poetry (or forgot). With my interest in poetry resurging and also wanting to tackle my neglected short reads, Loose Woman seemed ideal. In fact, I’m not sure why I didn’t grab it off my shelf sooner.

So far, I would say what has been said about the work isn’t fluff. Her writing is honest, candid and expresses herself, her culture and heritage unapologetically. A trait I admire and want to start incorporating into my own writing (once I gain a tad more confidence). A few of the pieces made me think of some of Charles Bukowski’s poetry, without being quite as “vulgar.” I appreciate that she offers the same level of authenticity without shooting for a vocabulary shock factor, not that I felt Bukowski did. At a quarter through, I am pleased to continue down whatever journey/journeys she has laid out for me, and see what aspects from my life get stirred up.

Sidenote: Here is some news about Cisneros’ latest work I came upon Monday night.

And just in case, you can read the article here.

Often times I can’t say that I keep up with any authors/writers on a regular basis, or the latest must reads. I used to feel like I was falling behind some of my friends/peers, etc. and felt a little guilty about it. Or that I didn’t take enough advantage during high school, where I was fortunate enough to have a strong literary curriculum. Whenever I feel that way again, I start reminding myself of this tweet I read several months ago…

Back then I was reading either Caucasia or Invisible Man, for both that rang true. Loose Woman is no exception, and lately I believe that these books, and some of those I “neglected,” are hitting me at stages in my life where they can have the strongest of impacts, which probably makes the most significant difference. For Cisneros reading, it also doesn’t hurt that I have been taking my Spanish learning seriously, and am actually making progress in comprehension.

This is technically a Recent Reads now, as I intended to post sooner, but oh well. If you like this Currently Reading and the Recent Reads segments, let me know by commenting, liking, sharing, and/or rating and I’ll try to turn them into a more consistent ongoing series.

Thanks for reading!


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