Haunting Horror: The Strain By Guillermo del Toro y Chuck Hogan

https://i2.wp.com/d.gr-assets.com/books/1326225354l/6065215.jpgWhen I heard about the book series, I wanted to read just to get a better idea of del Toro’s storytelling and writing style beyond the screen. I’ve been a fan since Pan’s Labyrinth (though technically Hellboy, director wise) and even saw the film in theaters. Afterwards, I made an effort to see more of his original works, but so far that’s resulted in only watching The Devil’s Backbone (for shame LA). I plan to redeem myself, somewhat, by catching his Gothic Romance, Crimson Peak in theaters soon. Apparently the genre is something that’s been reiterated by not only del Toro, but the actors as well. I imagine this is because many assume it’s another horror/ghosts flick. I am not familiar with the genre much myself, but am definitely looking forward to the story and all the wonderful imagery I’ve come to expect from del Toro’s films.

That said, I also couldn’t help but notice The Strain FX series, and while I was intrigued by what I saw of it (even with knowing it deals with vampires), I just never got around to watching. I am hoping that working my way through the written version will make me decide whether or not it’s worth adding yet another TV show to my seemingly ever growing list of “things to watch.” One positive is it’s still fairly new when compared to other series like The Walking Dead (now in its 6th season). I’ve heard good things for the most part, but very little when it comes to the books (or comics) themselves. Seeing how a series was made after them, it isn’t a stretch to assume they were received well by readers. I don’t know if this will count as a real “Haunting Horror” story line, but look forward to finding out and I’ll be starting it tonight (which by the time this posts was Monday).

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Chuck Hogan or his other works outside of the trilogy. I think a friend recommended his The Killing Moon, some time ago, but we all know how tricky it can be to keep up with friends/family recommendations. I like the idea of co-authoring although I haven’t read many books that do it. I have a copy of The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub, but naturally haven’t read it yet, maybe one day.

I’ll end this with an image of something left behind in my copy of The Strain. Nothing fancy, just a gift receipt.

the strain purchase

But the amusing tidbits:

  • The person  didn’t plan to return it to Borders and possibly never read it before giving it away.
  • It traveled from San Diego, a place I would love to visit, to D/FW.
  • Around here, all the Borders closed down long before 2009.
  • This was purchased one day after my birthday.
  • So, in a roundabout way it’s been gifted to me.

And just a random FYI if you don’t already know, Guillermo del Toro is a delight to follow on Twitter.



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