Beginning My New Year

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Happy New Year and Black History Month! 2015 was one of the toughest years in a long time for me and many others, and as such I was not sad to see it go. I subscribed to the mass optimism of 2016 as the year for renewal, rebirth and whatever other r-word applies… reinvigorate? I know, it’s kind of silly to do and believe this, but it brought me a sense of hope even if distorted.

Then January of 2016 was… not so great.  The loss of David Bowie was one of several things striving to sabotage all that I envisioned for myself (mentally and emotionally). But, as I declared on Twitter after the passing of Alan Rickman, time is an abstraction, therefore I have the “power” to start my new year whenever I so choose. February 1st became that date, condemning January to 20152.0. It was going stay that way too, no matter what good tried to wriggle into the month and surprisingly, some did.

Making such a “bold” decision wasn’t without real consideration or reflection. I have known and understood for years that very little will happen for you without some kind of action on your part. But there often seems to be an invisible force working against you as you try to plot and plan your goals and tasks. For me, that was depression and other traits of mental illness which manipulate your rational thinking, perception of reality, and sense of self. Before Feb. arrived, I thought about what I could actually do (things I can control) and changes I might be able to start implementing that would help make 2016 the good year I want it to be for myself and hopefully those that know me (or are getting to). Even should (when) “bad things happen.”

So that’s where I am at now, the beginning of my new year. I have already taken some steps to bring me a little closer to the version of me I believe I want to be.

I chose to reach out to someone I’ve only known via Twitter when I was in their area and they have become a new friend in the making. Added bonus: they’re a writer too!
I am resuming my presence on social media, not just lurking but becoming more interactive with friends & followers alike. While I am definitely an introverted person, social interaction is still a necessity, because I am human.
I am writing more.
I signed up for (and encouraged others) the Infomagical project, which provides a series of challenges that started today (mine is with an emphasis on creativity).
I am accepting more ideas and trinkets of positivity (not to be misconstrued as becoming ignorantly blissful). Especially those relating to self care. For example I treated myself to this Divinity bracelet which should also be arriving today 🙂

Some steps for the not too distant future:
Acquiring a planner.
Treat myself more often, in more ways than just material possessions.
Make more time for the things I enjoy or bring me joy.
Keep updating this site, and start working more on the other, along with personal journaling some of which may end up on here (or SQ), but otherwise be kept in my own notebooks and journals.
This was a mostly-for-me post, but if it helps or encourages anyone else, that’s great. It may only be day one of the New Year, but I have never been more excited.

Thanks for reading!


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