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This L.A. is not a City of Angels even if, coincidentally, she was born a half hour away. Family tragedy moved her eastward to settle and find her life among the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. While it has been an experience, D/FW has never really felt like the place to stay for good. Spending time overseas, albeit briefly, and in Canada has only strengthened this sense of disconnection with the Lone Star State.

Writing has been in the background of her existence since she was able to conceive anything that wasn’t already in her physical world. This imagination is still alive no matter how much reality tries to kill it with fire. However, just what kind of writing screams at her has been a game of hide and seek. She has experience in journalism, academic, essay, short story, flash fiction, poetry and prose writing. But not yet the kind of experience that impresses anyone or says “Hey, let’s hire her!” She would love to take a stab at writing for television (especially cartoon/animation) or film, but it’s always seemed more of a pipe dream. Maybe to a lesser extent had she been able to stay in California…half an hour away from Los Angeles. Hardwired for anxiety, she has a tendency to obstruct her own path, especially when it comes to writing. This site and Subliminal Quibbles is a means to change that.

Yes, she loves (and has) cats.

This bio is subject to change, but not likely to shift into first narrative because while it would be more personable, it’s just not how she does.

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  1. Love this bio. Love you. Miss you. This is great. How much I would 😍 to take my dear friend around this little city of Kings Lynn and grab a tea and cake, visit the local book store, go around taking 🎨 artistic shots of scenery, people, buildings… You are missed my friend. And may I say, I am just the same, writing from even a small child, poetry, music, stories….

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