Beginning My New Year

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Happy New Year and Black History Month! 2015 was one of the toughest years in a long time for me and many others, and as such I was not sad to see it go. I subscribed to the mass optimism of 2016 as the year for renewal, rebirth and whatever other r-word applies… reinvigorate? I know, it’s kind of silly to do and believe this, but it brought me a sense of hope even if distorted.

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Haunting Horror: The Strain By Guillermo del Toro y Chuck Hogan I heard about the book series, I wanted to read just to get a better idea of del Toro’s storytelling and writing style beyond the screen. I’ve been a fan since Pan’s Labyrinth (though technically Hellboy, director wise) and even saw the film in theaters. Afterwards, I made an effort to see more of his original works, but so far that’s resulted in only watching The Devil’s Backbone (for shame LA). I plan to redeem myself, somewhat, by catching his Gothic Romance, Crimson Peak in theaters soon. Apparently the genre is something that’s been reiterated by not only del Toro, but the actors as well. I imagine this is because many assume it’s another horror/ghosts flick. I am not familiar with the genre much myself, but am definitely looking forward to the story and all the wonderful imagery I’ve come to expect from del Toro’s films.

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Haunting Horror: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Retold By Alvin Schwartz

scary storiesAs mentioned it’s not only Fall but October, and while I know I have a number of reads to get through this year, I wanted to actually read something out of the horror/thriller genre. After coming across this list of 50 Scariest Books, what better way to kick of this notion than revisiting a childhood classic? It’s been decades since I’ve read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. I couldn’t get enough of the tales the books contained and the illustrations were perfectly creepy. I remember reading the whole series, but only a few stories remained in my head.
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Wouldn’t You Know It…

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Wouldn’t you know it, it’s October which can be a fun time for many of those enjoying the full swing of Fall (or Spring in the other hemisphere) and the welcoming of Halloweenish festivities. However, just as I was planning to get things back on track with this site and my writing. Life, threw another curve. This one has been harder to bounce back from…but I am trying to do so and hope that things will resume a little closer to normal either before this week is out, or the next. Thanks for your patience, and hope everyone is enjoying the season.

Hello Again!

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Hello everyone,

It appears that I’ll be holding on to my original theme for a while longer. I don’t think this is a huge deal considering I have some posts in the works that will start rolling out this week 😀

Life continues to be of some interference, but I plan to get back to updating and writing for this site as well as SQ this season (my new laptop helps). Stay tuned!

Undergoing Site Re-design

I appreciate everyone that voted in my poll for a new theme.
As you can see, I decided to go with Capoverso and will be spending the next couple of days customizing it to a look that’s most satisfactory. Hopefully, this won’t take too long. Thanks for your patience if some links/menus are broken or missing until then 🙂


Update: Well, that was a bit of a disaster. It seems the transition wasn’t very smooth at all and there were several things I’d have to reconfigure.
Capoverso didn’t offer as much flexibility as I initially thought. The Front Page feature was probably one of the biggest “selling points,” but everything else kind of fell short. Except readability. While I know there are upgraded customization features for most themes like elaborate color palettes, I thought there was still the basic feature of altering the background. This did not seem to be the case and only part of the premium. Suits offered some minor colorization tweaks beyond its black and white default. I appreciated that option, and hoped it helped my site stand out a little more from others using it. However, I’m not sure if that is something it still offers to new users. Since WordPress has made changes to the upgrades they offer.

Suffice to say, I’ll keep Suits until I can either figure out how to make Capoverso work for me, or explore other theme options. I am very much relieved that if you return to a previous theme, all your customization stays the same. Thanks again for your patience!

Simple Survey: Reader Feedback Wanted

LA Simple Survey

Hello everyone,
As you may have seen I’m considering some changes to my site in light of the anniversary. Since I know WordPress adds themes throughout the year, a theme change is on the table. So far, two have caught my eye and I was wondering if you would be willing to vote so I can gauge which is more aesthetically pleasing for viewers. Links to the themes can be found below the poll. Feel free to share.
Thank you!

Here’s a link to Baskerville Demo

Here’s a link to Capoverso Demo  (sidenote: I more than likely will not keep the slashed background)

LA one year anniversary

Anniversary & Announcements

Hello everyone!
It would appear this month includes my first year anniversary on WordPress. With this in mind, I’ve decided now would be as good a time as any to give some updates and state where I hope this blog goes. Keep Reading

Choosing Your Next To Read

Trouble Choosing Your Next To-Read? Here’s 5 Helpful Tips

If you’re like me, the seemingly endless choice of what to read next can be overwhelming. New books come out weekly. Established authors keep writing. New/emerging authors keep writing. For us English speakers, new translations are released exposing us to even more talent from around the world. Factor in the books that already exist whether you’ve heard of them or not and it’s like how does one even start? Should I read my way through classics, keep it contemporary, or mix it up? But then what?
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An Experience and Tea “Recipe” with Coffee-Mate’s Natural Bliss

Time for Tea
I’m a creature of habit and routine, like most people, but every once in awhile I feel experimental. This usually expresses itself in the form of cooking or mixing drink-ables.
I’m a tea-drinker over coffee (mainly after developing a sensitivity to caffeine, such a grave injustice for a writer). But as such is life, I consume an array of whites to blacks and sleepy herbal to energized breakfasts.

Over the years, I’ve kept things simple: water and sugar. Until my first family Christmas trip to Canada when I experienced having a cuppa the more “traditional” way, with milk. Even if unsweetened, I enjoyed this new taste bud tickler. I figured if milk could be added to coffee and tea, creamers could as well. A part of my palate missed the flavor blending I easily managed with coffee. So, after being a fan of International Delight’s creamers, for nearly five years, I purchased Nestle’s Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss (vanilla). You could say their calming advertising of steamy and creamy beverages got the better of my curiosity. The simple ingredients angle also didn’t hurt.

Natural Bliss Tea Recipe

The first cup.

Now I don’t usually “endorse” products on my site, but after the first sip of this concoction I felt inclined to share with others. Keep Reading