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A Second, Then a Third

Two siblings,
brought together not through birth,
but adoption
Locked eyes in a stare down
Filled with the “eye of the tiger
One daringly taking the first leap
Two siblings,
clashed to the ground wrestling, thrashing
A frantic separation not knowing who was the victor
The youngest paced in contemplation
whipping its tail.

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Ghostwriting My Life

When I think of having someone write my biography. My first thought is why wouldn’t I want to write my own memoirs, plenty of authors & writers do or have. I’m not, nor do I expect to become, a celebrity. Nor do I consider myself incapable of doing so. That aside, would I still be interested in seeing how someone else would paint my life? Sure, why not? And given the option of any author living or dead. I give my knee-jerk vote to…Richard Castle.

Screen capture via amazon.com

Why Richard Castle? Not only is he ruggedly handsome (or so I’m led to believe), but have you read his books? They’re action packed, humanizing, engaging, maybe even a guilty pleasure (to some, not moi), and his journalistic experience means he’s thorough with his research. Not to mention he’s dedicated to his pieces. His ego wouldn’t allow him to do a sloppy job regardless of how great or simple the task. Granted, my life is not filled with the same level of excitement as drug cartels, or life tagging along with members of the NYPD. But I’m sure there are a couple of highlights he could run with, and I’d love to see them.

Who would you choose or did choose? Leave a comment below and/or a link to your own post answering this Daily Prompt and just maybe I’ll edit this post to include links to my favorites 😉

Lincoln Penny

Subliminal Quibbles

http://photos-e.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-xaf1/t51.2885-15/10995124_848750225187892_2060713188_n.jpg © Image courtesy of L.A. Lanier’s Instagram (@thesquibbler)

The year was 1995. What was I doing? Enjoying life to the max by still being a kid. Old enough to have a vague sense of the world, but young enough to have a thirsty imagination, seek adventure and not take things too seriously. Responsibilities were simple, go to school, try not to be a pain to my mother and just live. Sometimes I ask myself. Whatever happened to that little girl? She was damn near fearless, even with being someone conscious of mortality. She knew how to entertain herself when friends weren’t around, but also capable of making and keeping friendships, neighbors and classmates alike. Invited to slumber parties often, a “delight to have over” was a frequent compliment of parents. Actually looked forward to going to school, talking about her day, and had an optimistic disposition regarding her future. The…

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Cupid’s Arrows

Cupid’s arrows
stabbed me in the heart and brain the moment I saw your little runty face
Your eyes were blue and filled with stress
Your appearance was rodent like, even though your lineage is one of predator
I looked at your brothers and sisters
Mewing and clamoring for attentionCupids Arrows
Most of them were claimed, but I didn’t care
Your dark fur historically the shade of superstitions suggested why you hadn’t already been chosen
But you were my ideal
I scooped you up and held you close
Oxytocin must have flowed because it was longer than twenty seconds
We took you home
That was ten years ago
Your eyes turned a yellowish green as you aged
Your size doubled, tripled, then quadrupled
Runt of the litter?
It’s amazing what a little tenderness, love, and care can do
I spoiled you rotten
But I’ve never regretted it once.

What this Daily Prompt inspired.

Away, Barren, Soothing

Participating in any sort of free association is usually difficult for me because I’m an over-thinker (AKA clutter minded). I see (read) something and there’s probably five things at once. So, in order to have an actual response, I have to consciously clear my mind, put it on pause, or let whatever mood I’m in dictate.


Resulted in away barren soothing. I didn’t have a story to relate to this or any other post idea in mind. I just wanted to write and address this prompt to see what words would come of it. Now that I have them, I think I’ll use them to write something else (influenced by my recent run of writing dares). And then leave this post at that.

Turning away from a known home
Heading off into a distance
Soaring through skies of wonder
Not being able to witness
The scenes of altitude
Nearing the barren lands of drought and plains
When the rain decides to replenish
Its tickles upon the soil are soothing

Daily Prompt

Daring Do Heights

Before you start to wonder, “could this be about a person rescuing a feline from a tree?…” it is.

I was a wee lass heading home after a day of child shenanigans at a local playground. Walking with head down, lost in thought, I caught movement in my peripheral. The movement was coming fast and blurred. A real life cliché of a dog chasing a cat unfolded before my eyes, and sure enough, that cat scaled the nearest tree.
I was thankful no cars took that opportunity to come speeding around the corner. A common occurrence in my neighborhood. Even with the noticeable signs of caution and speed reduction.
“Aww poor thing.”
The small dog remained stationed at the base and let out a few “menacing” barks. Then headed toward its home. I didn’t know if this kitty was a stray, but at the time no one was coming for it or knew it was in a tree. I sized up the towering plant. I’m about 5’2 now and was several inches shorter then.
This was a challenge.
However, one I was willing to accept. Especially once the grey fluff started mewing realizing its mistake and trembled from its pursuit. I looked around for anyone that might be able to give me a boost. Of course, there wasn’t anyone.
I made for it on my own and pretended I was channeling skills I mastered in Girl Scouts. Reality being any of my refined tree skills came from the streets…of suburbia.  I found decent footing and eased my way up to the desired branch. Using my feline charming voice, which was probably much creepier then, I told the kitty it would be okay. And gently reached for it, not considering it might make an attempt to climb higher. The cat backed away a couple of inches, but stayed on the branch. I got a firm, but not crushing, grip on it and started to head back down feeling vainglorious. I slipped a little on the return and scraped my arm and leg on the rugged bark. In my self-satisfied haze, a minor wound was worth it.

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Off The Shelf, Back in My Hands

Reading books for leisure is an activity I try to make frequent during the year. Like many, the more engaged I am by the work, the faster I’ll push myself to reach the end, and feel accomplished once I do. Unfortunately, I’m not the quickest of readers. Thinking about how long it may take to finish makes me feel as if I don’t have time to re-read books, no matter how good I thought they were.

Looking at my shelf of books read, if I were to choose one now, it would be Miranda July‘s No One Belongs Here More Than You. I purchased the book on a whim two years after it came out.  After recognizing the name from Me and You and Everyone We Know. I wasn’t sure what to expect from her writing, but once I started reading. I was smitten. Many criticisms accuse her of trying too hard to be “quirky” or “kooky.” I view her as far from traditional or typical. A characteristic that drew me to her to begin with. I didn’t have the impression she was going out of her way or otherwise trying too hard. Her style felt natural, open, honest. Aspects of her characters or the situations she placed them in resonated with various parts of me. Thoughts her characters expressed, might make people feel vulnerable for having them or ashamed to admit. I like that she encourages us to examine ourselves and the relationships we have. My reading of these stories coincided with a puzzling transitional period in my life. The timing might have made me more receptive to the content, but I doubt it affected the experience by much. It would be interesting to see how I feel about No One Belongs Here More Than You now. I haven’t followed her work as closely as I would like, so perhaps revisiting will put me back on track to exploring more.

A Daily Prompt

10,000 Spoons or No Knife

A song inquiring about irony while listing examples of situations that are merely unfortunate…hmm.
The 90s had plenty of  hit songs, “Ironic” was definitely a top 10 amongst friends. I didn’t mind the lack of irony. I didn’t even process the potential lack of irony. I was too busy trying to nail notes and sing my lungs out. But if I were to contribute fitting scenarios (irony or non, mostly non)…I think they would be the following:

It’s…Running late, going back for something you need, not finding it, deciding to leave it behind then finding it in your purse as soon as you get in the car after stepping in gum kept extra sticky by the warmed pavement.

It’s…Cleaning your cat’s litter box only for him to pee on your couch.

It’s…Being seven minutes away from the ending of a show with a mystery, and your cable goes out.

It’s…Asking about your new passport that hasn’t shown up, finding out someone who wasn’t you signed for it, but no one knows where it went or who they were.

It’s…Making a pasta dish, draining the water, but you lose 75% of the noodles and must start again.

It’s…A summer day, where everything you decide to eat that isn’t refrigerated or frozen, has ants in it.

It’s…Attending a family function, heading to the desserts, but everyone forgot you’re allergic to tree nuts.

It’s…The day literally redefined to also mean figuratively.

And I think that, makes a good stopping point 🙂
A Daily Prompt

The Name’s the Thing

Very few objects matter enough to me to acquire a proper name. I tend to settle for options that represent whatever the object is while including my name. L’s Cell, or L’s School PC, when I purchased my laptop. Whenever I refer to these things, they’re still just what they are, cell, laptop etc. Besides, it might seem silly or a bizarre otherwise. I do, however, see the appeal in name granting. When something starts to malfunction, you need to make it home or to the nearest gas station and think “c’mon baby. Just one more exit.” Having a name, makes it personal. Having a name, restores the hope that just maybe this object will care enough about you in return, it’ll grant your requests.

Other times, it’s fun. It may even give you the opportunity to feel clever. My gaming computer shares a network with all the other computers in the household. Each having a name given by its respective owner. I dubbed mine, BatLALKat. A play on He-Man’s fierce “steed,” my initials, and fondness of felines. Will other possessions get the same honor? I don’t know, but so far I feel like BatLALKat has earned her’s (cheers for anthropomorphizing!).
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