Write, Type, Speak It Down

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“Write it down, type it down, speak into your phone, just get it down. Ideas won’t stay in your head forever.”-Me

We like to trust our memories because we think of them as steel traps and a sign of youthfulness. And it’s true that some people are far better at remembering things than others. But it’s good for us as writers or creative persons to put our concepts and ideas into some physical form.

Short term memory only has so much space before it eventually dumps the input to make room for new information. Long term memory is great, but I’m not sure that a spontaneous idea is going to get placed there unless you run it over in your head repeatedly to commit it. Even then, the more you run through it, the more it’s changing, shifting, and parts could end up missing by the time you believe you’re ready to address them. Think of recalling a dream. When you retell it to someone, no matter how vivid it may be in your mind, it’s never a whole recreation. So why would you expect your ideas to remain whole after you let them sit in your mind?

I know, sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be a chance in the hustle and bustle of jobs or simply inopportune times the ideas spring up. Not only does technology make things easier, having traditional standbys work just as well.
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Ever have a moment where it seems your brain shifted into an overdrive of ideas? You have one that triggers another and then another and they’re spewing into your consciousness at full speed. You’re trying to write them down, but it’s like a sudden sea of rare Pokémon. In some sense it’s a wonderful feeling, the gears of creativity and excitement towards writing are churning…but it’s also overwhelming.
I have to ask myself, how come this hasn’t happened before? What’s changed? And most importantly, will it last?