A Second, Then a Third

Two siblings,
brought together not through birth,
but adoption
Locked eyes in a stare down
Filled with the “eye of the tiger
One daringly taking the first leap
Two siblings,
clashed to the ground wrestling, thrashing
A frantic separation not knowing who was the victor
The youngest paced in contemplation
whipping its tail.

Brought to you in part via this Daily Prompt and the other links provided.


For a Depressed Woman By James A. Emanuel

In honor of #WorldPoetryDay, I decided I would do some browsing around and read someone I haven’t read before. The title caught my attention, and who knew the simple arrangement of words therein could be so spot on. As such, I’m sharing my favorite snippet…
For A Depressed Woman

She sleeps late each day,
stifling each reason to rise,
choked into the quilt.

Please read the short poem in its entirety here and check more of Emanuel’s work. I know I will.

Writing Dare: Many Were Called

Doing things a little different this time 🙂


© Image courtesy of L.A. Lanier’s Instagram (thesquibbler)

The last line kind of loses it for me, but it was still fun and not sure how else I’d rather phrase it. Maybe one day I’ll rewrite it. But until then. Enjoy!

Story Bandit: We dare you to write a 49-word poem using the following words: scribblers, hurting, thunder, audiophiles.

Writing Dare: Paint Brushes

Paint brushes*
capture the beauty of the
Crafting doilies for sale
donations to charity and
support of a passion
Those that care not for
non-human animals
best unsubscribe

Story Bandit: We dare you to write a 29-word poem using the following words: brushes, endangered, unsubscribe, doilies. #writingdare

*Link to a decorative instragrammed version

Writing Dare: Ladybugs

Ladybugs invoke a sense of calming good will
that is until
you catch them feasting on your favorite set
of woven tweeds
they’re not the cute ones,
but lengthier beetles
that love to feed
clothing, carpets, fabric
ridden with tiny holes
annoying as canines
chewing on your clothes

Story Bandit: We dare you to write a 49-word poem using the following words: tweeds, lengthier, invoke, ladybugs.

Winter Wonder

Winter wonder* comes
The southerner admires its glimmer
Frosted ground becoming
A twinkle harbinger of tranquility

*To see the poem with a pretty background I made, click the link 😉

A Tanka: Flowing Mane

Subliminal Quibbles

Flowing mane of dark
Amazon like in stature
Kind, but do not cross
An ear for brutality
With fondness for the printed

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Mrs. Dixon

A quick poem I wrote up for a dear friend, in hopes of making her smile and chuckle at my cheesiness. Thankfully, she did.

Mrs. Dixon
Went overseas
To conquer her life anew
The struggles she faced
Would leave anyone else
Depressed or constantly blue
But she perseveres night after day after day
She manages to send some love
To special ones thousands of miles away
“Don’t give up Mrs. Dixon!”
Is all I believe is left that I can utter
For us, life will seesaw until finally better
Some of our dreams will be achieved
And I’ll cross the oceans
To share in joys with you.
One day
This will all be true.