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10,000 Spoons or No Knife

A song inquiring about irony while listing examples of situations that are merely unfortunate…hmm.
The 90s had plenty of  hit songs, “Ironic” was definitely a top 10 amongst friends. I didn’t mind the lack of irony. I didn’t even process the potential lack of irony. I was too busy trying to nail notes and sing my lungs out. But if I were to contribute fitting scenarios (irony or non, mostly non)…I think they would be the following:

It’s…Running late, going back for something you need, not finding it, deciding to leave it behind then finding it in your purse as soon as you get in the car after stepping in gum kept extra sticky by the warmed pavement.

It’s…Cleaning your cat’s litter box only for him to pee on your couch.

It’s…Being seven minutes away from the ending of a show with a mystery, and your cable goes out.

It’s…Asking about your new passport that hasn’t shown up, finding out someone who wasn’t you signed for it, but no one knows where it went or who they were.

It’s…Making a pasta dish, draining the water, but you lose 75% of the noodles and must start again.

It’s…A summer day, where everything you decide to eat that isn’t refrigerated or frozen, has ants in it.

It’s…Attending a family function, heading to the desserts, but everyone forgot you’re allergic to tree nuts.

It’s…The day literally redefined to also mean figuratively.

And I think that, makes a good stopping point 🙂
A Daily Prompt


The Name’s the Thing

Very few objects matter enough to me to acquire a proper name. I tend to settle for options that represent whatever the object is while including my name. L’s Cell, or L’s School PC, when I purchased my laptop. Whenever I refer to these things, they’re still just what they are, cell, laptop etc. Besides, it might seem silly or a bizarre otherwise. I do, however, see the appeal in name granting. When something starts to malfunction, you need to make it home or to the nearest gas station and think “c’mon baby. Just one more exit.” Having a name, makes it personal. Having a name, restores the hope that just maybe this object will care enough about you in return, it’ll grant your requests.

Other times, it’s fun. It may even give you the opportunity to feel clever. My gaming computer shares a network with all the other computers in the household. Each having a name given by its respective owner. I dubbed mine, BatLALKat. A play on He-Man’s fierce “steed,” my initials, and fondness of felines. Will other possessions get the same honor? I don’t know, but so far I feel like BatLALKat has earned her’s (cheers for anthropomorphizing!).
A Daily Prompt

Daily Prompting

I have skimmed prompts (via The Daily Post) over the last couple of days and thought, hmm why not? If nothing else, it gets me in the habit of writing consistently. I can choose favorites to publish, build up content, and have stress free writing sessions. I doubt I’ll be able to keep up every day, but it’ll be nice picking topics randomly and blogging in between my post ideas 🙂