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Writing Dare: Quiver of Arrows

I found a quiver of arrows in the forest. What the hell? It’s 2015.
I never learned archery, perhaps this was a sign from the fates to start. I stowed them in my messenger bag and searched around for any clues to the previous owner. Nothing.
I continued walking oblivious that someone was watching me. Discovering a clearing, I placed a blanket down next to a stream and started reading. Several pages in, I heard someone emerge from behind the trees.
“You have something that belongs to me.”
I handed them over, what an unusual way to make friends.

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Writing Dare: Many Were Called

Doing things a little different this time 🙂


© Image courtesy of L.A. Lanier’s Instagram (thesquibbler)

The last line kind of loses it for me, but it was still fun and not sure how else I’d rather phrase it. Maybe one day I’ll rewrite it. But until then. Enjoy!

Story Bandit: We dare you to write a 49-word poem using the following words: scribblers, hurting, thunder, audiophiles.

Writing Dare: Paint Brushes

Paint brushes*
capture the beauty of the
Crafting doilies for sale
donations to charity and
support of a passion
Those that care not for
non-human animals
best unsubscribe

Story Bandit: We dare you to write a 29-word poem using the following words: brushes, endangered, unsubscribe, doilies. #writingdare

*Link to a decorative instragrammed version